Everybody who uses Twitter more than couple of days knows marketing techniques like #hashtags, conversations with followers, and lots of others.

But there are another techniques and features that bring your Twitter marketing to a new level.

If you are trying to tell about a new product or just want to your followers know about latest news there are various Twitter strategies that are really helpful.

  • Choose Right Link Location

If you want to increase the click-through rate – put the link closer to the beginning. According to Den Zarrella (the social media scientist) the best area for clicks is about 25% of the way through the Tweet.


  • Use Multimedia

Twitter always works to update their service. First they added pictures in tweets, than video and now there is possibility to add GIFs. You can create your own GIFs with your own content, with someone else’s content, or with tweets that you find that have a GIF in them that you like.

  • Be Careful With @replies



The difference between these two tweets isn`t so obvious. But you should know that when you are starting by addressing another user, you’re speaking to only that user and your followers don`t see curretn tweet.

  • Work With Various Crowd Influencers

There are always people who follow you because they really like your product or service you provide. And they will promote you with pleasure. And at the same time there are people who trust voices in your industry. You should work with both of these crowd influencers by creating specific content for them and giving them @mentions in your tweets.

  • Use Twitter’s List function:

Twitter’s List feature can help you locate influencers by finding people who retweet, favorite, and reply the most often. Find the Twitter list by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and selecting “Lists” from the drop down menu. You can start creating lists based on your needs.

  • Create Rewards

Rewarding your followers on Twitter is a great way to find even more new followers. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. You can work to reward specific followers who you find to be crowd influencers.
  2. You can work with all your followers to promote a Twitter exclusive promotion.

With the help of rewards your followers do your work for you.

  • Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advfnced Search allows you to find your competitor`s hashtags and customers. By using the geo-location and keywords search functions, you can narrow your parameters to the keywords that are important to you, or you can find potential customers in the city or country that you’re interested in.

  • Follow Your Competition

You and your competitors may not only share followers, you can also share interests and passions. . With all of your similarities, why wouldn’t you follow the competition and see what they’re up to?


The followers of both accounts loved it and joined in, and this kept both brands on the minds of consumers.

Twitter has a lot of features and are more useful than you may think. It is extremely simple and useful marketing plarform. And you have just 140 characters to make an impression. Once you move beyond focusing on those 140 characters and start seeing all of the more advanced opportunities, you’ll find that those short tweets you send out can set you up for a lasting impression.

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Twitter Marketing Techniques That Will Help Your Twitter Account Take Off

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