In this article we’ll overview Twitter tools that are used by top social media experts. Take a look at our notes and choose the right tool for your Twitter account management.

  1. BIT.LY


Isn`t Bit.ly just the famous URL shortening service? Do not jump to conclusions.

Even a free Bit.ly account gives you more than just a short URL. For example, an access to a dashboard where you can shorten and share links to multiple Twitter accounts.

But this is not all its useful features. Bit.ly shows you the stats for any Bit.ly links you share through the dashboard.

Moreover, it plugs your Bit.ly API key into connected applications (like Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed, or Seesmic) and gets stats for links you share through them.

As an extra bonus, Bit.ly gives you possibility to create your own custom short domain to match your brand.

It means that you can have own custom URL (the one like Amazon`s amzn.to).



Co Tweet is represented like a Twitter marketing tool for those companies who analyze and take part in conversations about their product or brand.

In general, Co Tweet is a combination of various analytics features. The free version allows you to track clicks, manage your posts, create a schedule of tweets, cooperate with users and keep conversation history for 30 days.

This service also has a paid version starting at 1,500USD a month.  It supports integration with Salesforce, full analytics, workgroups, advanced user roles and permissions.



“The smarter way to tweet” – this is how Buffer presents itself.

The main idea of Buffer app is to simply send tweets through the day. This allows not to overload followers with tweets flow.

Buffer also provides great analytics on tweets. It helps to understand your Twitter audience better and see what kind of content people like more. Scheduling the tweets you can determine the times of day you get the most action on your tweets.



HootSuit is a great Twitter tool that manages social networks, schedules messages, engages audience, and measures ROI right from the dashboard.

It has all necessary functions in a free version (if you have less than 5 social accounts to manage). Paid version has ability to manage unlimited number of social profiles and includes enhanced analytics for just 5.99$ per month.



Paper.li differs from others Twitter tools. This app allows you to collect tweets and sort them automatically or manually in newspaper-format. You can share them automatically daily on your Twitter account. Paper.li is an easy way to track your followers or those who mentions a particular #hashtag.

Paper.li is a simple way to aggregate online information important to followers without the need to handle it personally.



SocialOomph is a service that provides free and paid productivity enhancement services for social media users.

It allows you to track keywords, schedule tweets, extend your Twitter profile, and much more with an unlimited amount. All these features are available in a free version. Paid account (for 29.97$ per month) has additional features, such as tweet via email, Facebook scheduling, update via email, manage DM spam and much more.



Nuzzel is a super-easy way to see news from your Twitter friends. No setup or configuration is required. Too see the top news content shared by your friends or friends of friends – just login with Twitter or Facebook. When some post gains a large number of shares – you receive a customized notification.

Moreover, you can use Nuzzel to share your own interesting content via Twitter, other social networks, or even SMS.

Experts call it simple and fast. They also notice that Nuzzel has clean and intuitive layout.



One more tool that helps you find, collect and share what people are saying all over the web. Create text and media-rich stories easily with Storify. Drag and drop anything in, and it’s embedded instantly.



Tweetdeck is a desktop Twitter management tool that creates columns to organize your Twitter activity.

It also has an ability to send longer messages using their Deck.ly service which creates a shortened URL that directs followers to the rest of your tweet beyond 140 characters.  Tweetdeck has intuitive interface and is easy to use.

  1. IFTTT


IF lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. This app empowers you with creative control over the products and apps you love.

It has lots of recipes for Twitter:

  • Post your Instagram photos as native Twitter photos.
  • If new Twitter follower, then thank follower.
  • Auto retweet
  • If new follower, then send a DM
  • Tweet new video URL and title with tags #video and #youtube.

…and many others.

Also, you can create your own recipes to set up some actions and simplify your daily Twitter routine.

Now it`s your turn. Tell us what social media apps help you to simplify your workflow and manage your Twitter (or other SM) account.

Share your thoughts in comments!

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Social Media Experts Advice: 10 Useful Tools For Twitter

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