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Nowadays the phenomenon of fake accounts is one of the most discussed in Twitter community. This is evidenced by the numerous media description and headlines: “There are already 20 million fake accounts on Twitter”, “Find out which celebrity has the largest number of fake Twitter followers?”

How twitter bots may harm you?

spot fake twitter followersBots, fake users and spammers are quite a problem for Twitter itself, as well as for Twitter users, especially in terms of buying followers.

There are several tools that help recognize fake accounts within Twitter audience (including our BotOrNot). We want to open the curtain  and show you how these services work and what kind of rules they use to decide whether account is fake or not.

We’ve made a list of the most common rules that will help spot a bot at a glance.

  • Account’s following/followers ratio is about 50:1, or more (huge amount of following accounts compared to number of followers)
  • Majority of tweets contain spam phrases like “diet,” “make money” etc
  • Their Twitter feed is overwhelmed with quotes
  • they are retweeting tweets from one account only (usually it’s quite a popular account)
  • More than 90% of the account’s tweets are retweets or links.
  • The user hasn’t tweeted at all, or posted less than 3 tweets
  • No profile picture: the account has a default profile image (while being more than two months old)
  • Bio and location are not filled in
  • The last tweet is more than 90 days old
  • They usually send direct responses
  • Bots tweet the same thing multiple times
  • Their Twitter handle contains symbols or/and random numbers
  • beautiful profile picture ( the vast majority of Twitter bots are designed to appeal to hetero men)
  • they follow a big number of accounts daily

Fake followers usually do not reply to tweets, do not retweet. They don’t really follow you – so think carefully and check twice if you ever decide to buy a bunch of followers.

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How to spot fake Twitter followers (bots)?

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