If you are reading this article, you are probably very active in social media network and you or the Company you work for have a lot of twitter followers. 
So you might be curious what the quality of your audience is, are they all real, do they get your messages correctly?

Fake pages or bots are one of the greatest problem of the Twitter world. You will reach more success and popularity directing your messages to real users with real needs and those who can grow your popularity or raise your sales. Fake twitter accounts are not only useless, they could even harm your reputation and the whole social media campaign you’ve been working for.

Have you ever used any services to analyze the quality of your Twitter audience to uncover fake followers of your account? If not – we are here for you! Our web tool  was designed to improve your audience and free it from bots in just 1 minute!

Interested? See how it works:

  •  You authorize your Twitter account at our website  – so our service would be able to  check your followers and those who follow you
  •  Our system carefully checks different Indicators, using the rules that help to spot a Twitter bots, like: Description and URL shouldn’t be empty, a number of tweets, followers, friends, etc. There is , at least, a dozen of typical behavior criteria of real and fake twitter accounts. Each of them needs to be precisely checked in order to filter accounts correctlyCapture
  •  In just a minute, you will see the results on your screen and the %-estimation of real and fake accounts that have dealt with your Twitter profile
  •  After all, you can immediately: unfollow fake accounts, block fake followers and share your results


With BotOrNot, you have a huge opportunity to make your twitter account filled only with real users and to expand the quality of your audience.

We always try to be responsive and follow latest online trends so we keep improving this Tool and plan:

  • to expand the database at least twice, that will  give us the opportunity to spot bots with the higher accuracy
  • track users’ activities and their connections with other accounts, for more precise results
  • give more opportunity to act with BotOrNot results, like “Not Bot” button for highlighting the accounts that are wrongly defined as bots.

Visit our site  and try one of the best twitter bots detector for FREE!

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BotOrNot – How It Works

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