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Increasing your organic audience you will achieve much more social proof and popularity as a result. Real followers can help your business to grow naturally, raise your sales and share information about you or your company much more effectively.

We all need something actionable. There are lots of technics and strategies of becoming popular in Twitter. You may create a great content, share hot news or build a really solid branding. But none of these techniques will not work until you have a fake audience.

The most important value for the brand is right people to work for. The same rule functions in Twitter. Real people will become your powerful tool for your business grows.

You may be wondering how to spot fake followers when you have thousands of people in your list.

There are techniques and algorithms that help to recognize bots among all followers you have. And we are here to make this process as easy as possible.

Bot Or Not carefully analyzed thousands of Twitter pages and uses the unique technology of bots and spammers recognition.

BotOrNot – precise fake follower check service

Do you have a lot of twitter followers? Have you ever used any services of social media agencies or similar account management services?
Then you might be curious what is quality of your audience. Unfortunately, often there could be a huge portion of bots or spammer accounts among your followers and fans. These fake twitter accounts are not only useless, they could even harm your business reputation and the whole social media campaign you’ve been working at.

Why you should uncover fake twitter followers

Social media has lots of benefits for your business as it allows you to easily interact with your target audience and build a solid brand.
Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing your content and news. However, as it becomes an increasingly important feature of the online marketing landscape, the number of followers you have is becoming something of a status symbol for businesses.

There is an enormous wish of companies and public figures to have huge numbers of followers and appear really popular.
Unlike real human driven accounts, fake Twitter users can’t bring you any benefits: they won’t visit event announced through your twitter account, they won’t share your ideas, and they just distort the real quantity of your audience. In 99.9% of cases, once your fake follower has followed you, that’s it – you’ll never get any more engagement from them.

Besides this, Twitter bots are able to cause penalties for your account since Twitter doesn’t encourage promoting accounts with a help of spam techniques. A few scandals involving famous politicians and celebrities had took place because they were catched buying a lot of fake Twitter followers for their accounts. That is why fake followers pose a real, and significant, risk to your legitimate followers.
The whole point of Twitter is that it allows you to engage, interact and share your content and ideas.

Contact only real users who create organic traffic for your website, help build personal brand and give response to your ideas.

Real or fake?
Bot or not?

It doesn’t take much time to distinguish fake Twitter followers from real, even if you have thousands of them.
Nowadays, there are proven bot detection technologies that help you with this task. BotOrNot is a perfect Twitter bot detector that able to spot fake followers on Twitter with high level of accuracy. Moreover, with the help of BotOrNot you can not only recognize fake followers but unfollow them immediately on our website.
Not sure if user is real or fake? Check the account with BotOrNot and leave only effective audience. Stop collecting fake followers.

Proven technology for bot detection

There are at least a dozen of typical behavior criteria of real and fake twitter accounts. Each of them needs to be checked carefully in order to separate/filter accounts right. If you decided to clean your audience from twitter bots you have to be sure and know definitely who is who. That is why we created the unique technology that uses a systematic approach and methods of new generation spam filters and gives you the most accurate result.
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